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Photo Search Library

Photo Search Library


The hassle of image searching can often hinder on business opportunities.
Boasting good performances, OKAOTM Vision software libraries were combined to create a specialized image searching solution focussed on maximazing support for business-minded companies.

For those who want to find or show that photo! Keyword-based search to display all relevant photos
Calculate score for eyes facing the camera of opened eyes to extract the best photo.
Save a lot of time by removing the need to go through all photos.
Extract photos by specifying their shooting period in order to create the best album.
Potential photos for the album are extracted automatically and can be confirmed with ease.
Photo search possible based on 12 criteria.
Use AND to combine them for an efficient search.
Includes a feature to quickly confirm search photos.


Model number Contents provided Details
B5T - 000512 Individual search Search is possible for registered individuals
B5T - 000612 Individual search + face search Search is possible for individuals and face-related features (face direction, position, size)
B5T - 000712 Full search package Search possible for individuals and face-related features, plus gazes, camera-facing, age, gender, etc.
B5T - 000812 Full search package
+ recommended features
All search features, plus best picture extraction and automatic photo extraction feature for album creation.

  • Software Specifications
  • Sample application source code
  • Sample application (windows7 32bit)
  • Activation key
Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
(operations confirmed on Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit)

Compiler: GCC 4.8.2
(operations confirmed on Ubuntu 14.04LTS 32-bit/64-bit)



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*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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