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2SMPB-01-01 Absolute Pressure Sensor

High accuracy and small size absolute pressure sensor with low current consumption

  • Measure absolute pressure and temperature with high accuracy.
  • Built in low noise 24 bits ADC.
  • Digital control and output via I2C interface
  • Automatically power down non working circuit to minimize current consumption
  • Individual calibration parameters stored in OTP *.
    * One Time Programmable Non Volatile Memory


■Standard Models with Surface Mounting Terminals
StructurePackagingModelMinimum Order QuantityMinimum Packing Unit
8-pin QFNTape and Reel2SMPB-01-01-TR1,0001,000
Embossed Carrier Tape2SMPB-01-011010
■Use conditions and recommended operating conditions
Type of PressureAbsolute pressure
MediumAir *
Operating Pressure Range30 kPa to 110 kPa
* Never use corrosive gases.

■Use conditions and recorating conmmended opeditions
Power Supply VoltageVddmax4.0V
Input Voltage (other than power)Vmax-0.2 to Vopr+0.2V
Maximum PressurePmax160kPa
Storage TemperatureTstr-40 to 85°Cwith no condensation or icing
Storage HumidityHstr10 to 95%RHwith no condensation

■Operating Ratings
Operating VoltageVopr2.252.53.6VVDD
Operating TemperatureTopr-40-85°C

■Electrical Characteristics  (At Ta = 25°C, VDD = 2.5 V, unless otherwise noted)
Average Current *Ihp-9-μA1 sample/s High accuracy mode
Current ConsumptionIdd-500610μA
Sleep Mode Current ConsumptionIsleep-0.30.6μA
Measureable Pressure RangePopr30-110kPa
Absolute Pressure Accuracy *Pabs1-750-750Pa70 k to 110 kPa High accuracy mode
Relative Pressure Accuracy *Prel1-6-Pa70 k to 110 kPa High accuracy mode
rms Noise *Pnois-2-Pa70 k to 110 kPa High accuracy mode
Absolute Temperature AccuracyTabs-2-2°C
Pressure Resolution *Pres-0.06-PaHigh accuracy mode
Temperature Resolution *Tres-0.0002-°CHigh accuracy mode
Discharge time of VDD *Toff-60-secTime@ VDD From 2.5 V to 0.01 V
* These characteristics are guaranteed by design.
Note: Above table shows the characteristics without mounting board.
Please confirm performance of this sensors in your application and use your own judgment to determine the appropriateness of using them in such application.

■I2C Characteristics  (At Ta = 25°C, VDD = 2.5V, unless otherwise noted)
ItemNameStandard ModeFast ModeUnitRemark
SCLK Clock Frequencyfscl-100-400kHz
Digital Input L (I2C)Vil2-0.2VDD×0.2-0.2VDD×0.2V
Digital Input H (I2C)Vih2VDD×0.8VDD+0.2VDD×0.8VDD+0.2V
Digital Output L (I2C)Vol200.400.4V
Pull-up ResisterRpullup2.2102.210
Capacitive LoadCb-400-400pF
Power On Supply Startup Waiting TimeTpor-0.8-0.8msec
Power On Start Up Timetstart-2-2msec
Pulse Width of Asynchronous Resettrar100-100-μsec
Note 1:When the power is turned on, please activate power on reset.
For more information, please refer to the section of "Power on Reset" (p. 8).
Note 2:About detailed I2C bus information, please refer to the I2C-bus specification and user manual presented by NXP.

■Characteristics by Power Mode
Mode *1Waiting Time [msec] *2Average Current @1 sample/s [uA] *2rms Noise [Pa] *2
Low power mode746
Standard mode953
High accuracy mode1797
* 1:Please see "I2C_SREQ: Sensor Request Register" (p. 13) for setting up power mode.
* 2:Please see "Execute timing chart" (p. 6) for meaning of waiting time. These characteristics are guaranteed by design.
(unit: mm)

■Mounting PAD Dimensions (Top View) : recommended