Authorized agent qualification inquiries

 Recently, we found in the market some bad traders, forged OMRON electronic parts dealers related qualifications to prove that the counterfeit Omron electronic parts sold to customers, to the end user losses. In order to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests, please follow the following measures to determine whether your supplier is authorized by Omron regular dealers.

How can you ensure that your supplier is authorized by OMRON's regular agents and resellers?

 If your company does not have a stable supplier of OMRON products, please inquire about our Omron's local office according to your city or region. Our office staff recommend qualified suppliers and provide relevant services. ( OMRON office list )

 Second, if your company has a stable supplier of OMRON products, in order to avoid fake infringement, please follow the following steps to prove the qualification of the supplier:

 1, to your OMRON product suppliers to obtain [OMRON agent qualification certificate] or agent code;

 2, according to the following picture content of your supplier to provide a copy of the certificate is fake.

 3. Click on the link below to enter the supplier number to see if the displayed company name matches your supplier name (most securely, the company name and your supplier will be displayed on your VAT invoice Company name relative to).

 * If you find an inconsistency, in order to ensure your interests, it is best to immediately stop and then from the supplier at the purchase, and timely contact us Omron in the local office, by our office staff for you! ( OMRON office list )

OMRON dealer license (example)
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OMRON electronic components of the authorized agents have the appropriate code.
Please enter the agency code or company name (full name or abbreviation) in order to confirm the relevant information of the agent.